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The Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) is a government agency that is meant to be in charge of affairs concerning the spread of information technology or IT in the country as well as its continued development as a field of expertise. Among its functions is to create a conducive environment for the IT field as well as generate jobs for the professionals who choose to enter lines of work that is parallel to the maintenance and creation of information and communications systems.



The CICT was officially established as a direct result of Executive Order No. 269 signed 2004 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The commission was created to address the growth of the information technology sector in the country.


Being the only government agency that has direct influence over affairs involving the information technology agency, the breadth of the functions of the CICT is also vast in the field of IT. The official website of the commission has links to job openings that has something to do with the information technology field

Not only is the CICT interested in making sure that the IT industry in the country remains viable and globally competitive; it is also the function of the CICT to be available and accessible even to those work outside the industry. Among the projects of the CICT is the establishment of eLGU (electronic local government unit) that allows municipalities and cities to procure some items and pay for them through electronic means.

CICT has projects for distance learning via the internet. The program is still in its early stages but the end goal is quite ambitious. The CICT hopes to create learning networks with neighboring countries such as Japan. Thailand and other Asian countries by the time the program is on full throttle.


Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III is the current chairman of the CICT. He is one of the youngest head of any department or government agency at age 35.




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